Even after months of having lost our two girls, this is still hard for me to put in writing. If I think about them, I cry. Problem is – I think about them all the time. I just feel I have to write about them, because they deserve a spot on our memorial page. THEY (my two girls as I will always call them) are the reason I DO doxie rescue. Our girls are the reason I am here today; and the reason I ever got involved in rescuing this wonderful breed. I will try to make this as short as possible – but my girls stories are not short –they are long and wonderful.

    Tilly (we lost her August 8, 2007 at 16 years old) came to us at 3 years old. We rescued her from the daughter of a friend of ours. I first met this precious little baby at 6 weeks old; she was purchased by this girl from a pet store (yes – a product of a puppy mill). She was so TEENY TINY and was already ready to conquer the world. I wanted her then! I knew her home life was not the best after the first 2 years; and when we got the call that we needed to take her and her “sister – the cocker” – or she would go to the pound, my husband and I didn’t blink. She used to be BEAT by her previous owners because she couldn’t be potty-trained; we had her one week and knew there was something medically wrong; sure enough – she was diabetic. Severely diabetic. Ron and I spent the next 13 years giving this WONDERFUL little girl two insulin shots per day; every waking moment was spent around her scheduled feeding and insulin times (between 6:00 and 7:30 AM and between 6:00 and 7:30 PM). We learned how to draw her blood and test it so we could do our own curves and monitor her glucose. And you know what – we didn’t care. That was what we wanted and chose to do – and now that my girl is not here – I would give ANYTHING to have my life revolve around that schedule again. She was my STRONG little girl – my avid hunter, the ruler of the entire household. You would never guess Tilly had a medical issue – she was the strongest little angel I have ever met.
    Kline came to us at about 2 years old also (about 2 years after we got Tilly). We lost Kline April 26, 2007 at 13 years old (way too young). We got a call from an all breed rescue that I was working with at the time; they had a doxie, we had a doxie – would we be willing to foster. We were skeptical at first as Tilly was SO possessive of us and we didn’t think she would do well with other dogs. Kline was epileptic, had been HORRIBLY abused and hated everyone. We thought “OK – we will give this a try – but if it doesn’t work – Kline will have to go elsewhere”. Well – Kline came in the door – her and Tilly looked at each other like “sister – where have you been all my life” and were inseparable from the first 10 minutes they met. AND – Kline didn’t hate everyone – she was the most LOVABLE, AFFECTIONATE, OBEDIENT, WELL BEHAVED doxie I have ever in my life met. We adored her, Tilly adored her, and in 10 minutes, we knew she was home forever. That’s when I learned that doxies are prejudice little dogs – but only against other breeds; they LOVE other doxies. From that moment forward, we were “doxie lovers” which is how we came into rescue. Kline came to us a very severe epileptic. We managed to control her seizures very well; but as time went on, she developed liver issues, heart issues and kidney issues. When we lost our precious angel, I didn’t think life could get any worse. But – then we lost Tilly just 4 months later – and I KNOW Tilly felt the loss of her Kline, and her strong little will just could not go on without her anymore.
    I will forever miss my angels. It doesn’t matter how many dogs I have now – or will have in the future. None will replace my precious little girls – in our house or in my heart. I love them more than anyone can imagine and they are the definition of the “perfect doxies”.

    Karen and Ron Borden

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