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Dachshund Information

There are six varieties of Dachshunds; smooth-haired, wire-haired and long-haired in two sizes, Standard and Miniature. The smooth-haired Dachshund is the original breed; the wire-haired and the long-haired were attained by crossing the smooth-haired with other breeds. Dachshunds are an intelligent and lively breed who will need firm training so that they become well behaved members of the family.

Height: Standard – 8 inches, Miniature – 6 inches
Weight: Standard – 16-32 lbs., Miniature – under 11 lbs.

Colors: Black and tan, red, dapple, and piebald, and chocolate
Coat: Smooth-haired – dense, short and smooth, long-haired – soft and straight, and only slightly wavy, wire-haired – short, straight and harsh with a long undercoat.

Watch-dog: Very High

Care and Exercise: Dachshunds need regular brushing with a bristle brush. Dry shampoo or bathe when necessary. The smooth-haired dachshund has little body odor and can be occasionally rubbed down with a damp cloth. Regular exercise is important to the Dachshund as they have a tendency to put on weight and become lazy. Dachshunds need care to control their diet, as they are normally not finicky eaters, and will eat whatever is placed before them.

Activity: Indoors – High, Outdoors – High
Living Environment: Excellent pet for an apartment or house, city or country. Be aware they can bark loudly. An owner of a Dachshund should be consistent and patient with this small active, personable breed.

Housebreaking: please understand, dachshunds are “prey driven” as stated above. This means when they are let outside to potty, unless the owner keeps them “on track” with what they need to do – which is potty – they will run and chase birds, squirrels, whatever catches their attention. Unless they really have to potty badly, they are distracted by other things. These dogs must be “reminded” of what they need to do while outside. This is the complaint many “non knowledgeable” Dachshund owners have: “he/she goes outside then comes in and potties”. Remember, these babies must be supervised when outside anyway; so please remember to monitor that they actually do potty.

Health Issues: Somewhat prone to disc problems – it is important to not let them become overweight or jump from heights. They are also subject to genetic eye diseases and skin problems.

Life Span: 14-16 years or longer

Country of Origin: Germany
History: Known to have existed as far back as the 16th century. Dachshunds are derived from the oldest breeds of German hunting dogs. Dachs is the German word for badger. Dachshunds were bred to hunt and burrow for badgers and the miniature was created to hunt hares. Today Dachshunds are bred as pets, though some in Europe are still used as hunters.

**NOTE: Dachshunds are “prey” dogs, meaning they have a HIGH prey drive for things such as squirrels, rabbits, etc. It is their nature to “hunt” as noted above in their history. Therefore, it is imperative that a dachshund, when outside, be either confined to a securely fenced area OR be on a leash at all times.

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