Adoption Application

Please fill out the application for adoption in it’s entirety. We take the job of finding our Dachshunds the very best homes and make sure that they are a good fit for the new home and the new home a good fit for them. Thank you for deciding to adopt!

If renting, we require the landlord's written consent before placing a dachshund in your home. Please include this consent when you return this application. Application cannot be processed without written consent.
Reference No. 1 (Do not list any relatives or people living with you)
Reference No. 2 (Do not list any relatives or people living with you)
I understand that upon submitting this document for review, that it is legally binding and any false information given will be just cause for immediate denial of adopting a rescued dachshund from this organization. Signing this application constitutes your permission to check all references given herein.