• Greta

    Sweet little Greta has passed from this life. There is an empty place on the couch beside me and also within my heart. She came to us as a little cast off because she was old, but she soon took over our entire home. Although she was as tiny as a mouse she had the […]

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  • Sid Paulene

    Our first doxie and baby, as a married couple was this little fellow Sid. God brought this sweet boy into the world on 2/10/03, with the Unites States of America was gearing up to “reign down” on those who attacked this country on 9/11/01. My husband, Robert picked Sid out of the litter, while Sid […]

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  • Pirate

    When Pirate came to me, he was, for lack of a better phrase, sick as a dog. He had virtually every ailment you could imagine, including one dry eye which influenced his name. But that didn’t hold him back for long because within a month he was up and running around the yard and barking […]

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  • Trooper

    A tribute to my dear little Trooper – from Pamela Cutrone Such a sweet little dog, Trooper came to me very sick…and had to have life saving surgery and from then on we became fast friends. I named him Trooper because he handled things the way a Trooper would. He lived with me five short […]

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  • Leroy

    In memory of lee lee bug. This percoius little boy was taken from me way too soon. I got this precious little boy from the animal shelter after he was brought in because his owner had him tied to a tree and only fed him once in a while. He was given harsh punishment for […]

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  • Heidi

    Heidi was dropped off at a vet’s office by owner’s who no longer wanted her. Sadly she was a sick little girl. She endured two very invasive surgeries and DDR did all we could to try and get her little body well. After the first surgery, she was happy for a few weeks and appeared […]

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    Even after months of having lost our two girls, this is still hard for me to put in writing. If I think about them, I cry. Problem is – I think about them all the time. I just feel I have to write about them, because they deserve a spot on our memorial page. THEY […]

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  • Honey

    September 1, 1991-June 11, 2007 Honey was an angel. Although she had numerous health problems toward the end of her life, she was like the Energizer Bunny. She kept on ticking. Honey spent most of her life with a human mommy who loved her very much and took good care of her. Sadly her mommy […]

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  • Miss Lacey

    1992-June 2007 Miss Lacey was thrown away in a shelter when she was 12 after being in the same home all her life. She spent the last 3 years of her life being loved as she should have been all her life. She loved to run across the yard when she went out to potty […]

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  • Boomer

    A distinguished little gentleman and faithful pal When Boomer came to us, he was frail and timid — not quite sure what to make of his new family, and certainly not of his new “brother,” our little wild man, Weber. But soon, Boomer was running through the house chasing his brother and following his new […]

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