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Fostering Information

If you are interested in Fostering for Dixie Dachshund Rescue, great! We would love to have you as a part of our team. We need all the help we can get combating the fight against Backyard Breeders, Puppy Mills and Homeless Dixie Dachshunds that are left in animal shelters or turned in for one reason or another. We are in great need of foster homes. Most of our members have multiple dogs of our own, so taking in more than 1 or 2 fosters at a time is tough on some of our members. Remember that fostering is voluntary. To feed and care for the foster dogs comes out of the foster parent’s pocket even if the Dixie Dachshund requires a special food. Dixie Dachshund Rescue only covers general vetting and heart worm preventative. Now with all that said, let me take this time to explain how you can help these little Dixie Dachshunds have a good home until their forever family is found.

We take dogs from owner turn ins (for all kinds of crazy reasons), shelters who work with rescues, strays not claimed, and puppy mills – when we can get the dogs from those nuts! The Dixie Dachshund goes directly to the vet, where they are spayed/neutered if necessary, given all of their shots, heartworm tested (and put on prevention if they test negative and begin treatment if they test positive) and treated for ANY other health issues they may have. When they get a clean bill of health from the vet, they are released to the foster home, where they are required to stay for a minimum of 2 weeks before they are listed on our web site for adoption (if the dog has health issues, the minimum amount of time will be longer dependent on the length of recovery). The reason for this is that the foster home needs to know as much as possible about the Dixie Dachshund. For example we want to know their temperament and if they have ANY “issues”; do they like other animals; do they like kids; do they have any fears; are they housebroken; etc. We expect our foster homes to be willing to work with their fosters in correcting any issues that the Dixie Dachshund may have to the foster parent’s best ability. Once the foster is posted on the website, some go very quickly but others may take weeks and weeks.

Foster Parent applicants must go through all the same requirements that an adoption applicant goes thru. Submit an application on line and one of our “authorized interviewers” do all the initial interviews and reference checks. Then we schedule a home visit with you and go from there.

A foster home agreement will be signed outlining all the details of fostering.

If a foster home wishes to adopt a dog they are fostering, they must decide this before the dog is posted on our web site. Once we start getting qualified applicants it is not good for us to tell them that “the foster parent has decided to keep the dog”. This will be waived as long as no qualified applicants have applied for the dog.

So having said all that, if you would like to join us in helping find these sweet animals a loving home, please fill out one of our foster home applications and someone will get back to you.