• Mr. Henry

    Name: Mr. Henry

    Sex: Male/Neutered

    Weight: 18 lbs

    Age: 8 yrs old

    Color: Red

    Adoption Fee: $250

    Mr. Henry was found lonely and abandoned in north Alabama.  He was thin to the point of starvation, infested with fleas and covered with ringworms.  You would never realize he is the same dog today.  He has put on so much weight that his foster mom has had to reduce his food intake so that he doesn’t become obese, he has no fleas and his ringworm scars have healed.  He is quite the handsome fellow now!

    261_Mr._Henry_012Mr. Henry has a loving and loyal personality but he is a little quirky.  He bonded immediately with his foster dad but it has taken a little time for him to learn to love his foster mom.  He is a really smart fellow though and he soon figured out that mom is the primary source of food in the house.  But although food was the original attraction to mom, he now shows that he loves her too and enjoys being petted and having his belly rubbed.  He shows his love by giving lots of kisses and sitting as close to his loved ones as possible.

    He is very protective of the home and barks fiercely whenever anyone new comes into the house.  He also has a bit of a stubborn streak so sometimes it takes a bit of time for him to stop barking.  He may still have some memories of bad treatment because despite his protective nature he still crouches down when his foster parents bend down to pet him.

    Mr. Henry does not object to cats but he is not especially fond of other dogs.  Sometimes he will play with them a little but he seems anxious and uncomfortable around them, especially when it is time to eat.  He seems to be afraid that he will be forgotten and barks loudly so that you won’t pass him by.  If the other dogs are not in the room he will wait quietly for his food.

    Mr. Henry is not a very active boy.  He enjoys sleeping and eating and playing with his toys in the evening but he does not run in the yard very much.  It would be good for him to have a parent that would enjoy taking him on leash walks through the neighborhood as he does have a tendency to put on weight.

    While Mr. Henry was roaming the streets alone, he may have eaten something that was very hard on his liver for his liver enzymes were quite elevated when he was first taken to the veterinarian.  He has been taking medication for this condition and his enzymes have returned to normal.  He will have to be on this medication for the rest of his life, but as long as his pills are wrapped in cheese he will take anything.  Daily medication is a small price to pay for the love and devotion this little fellow.  If you are interested in adopting Mr. Henry fill out an application and say that he is the dog you wish to apply for.  If you have any more questions about Mr. Henry contact his foster mom at  cosmo569@charter.net

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