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    Our first doxie and baby, as a married couple was this little fellow Sid. God brought this sweet boy into the world on 2/10/03, with the Unites States of America was gearing up to “reign down” on those who attacked this country on 9/11/01. My husband, Robert picked Sid out of the litter, while Sid was still too young to open his eyes. A few weeks later, my husband received deployment orders in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Wanting to bond with Sid, I continued to visit him at the breeder’s home on a weekly basis, until he came home with me in April. It was not what I expected; however, I had tremendous support from my family and friends. Sid adjusted very well to his new home. He was a wonderful companion during my husband’s deployment. Needless to say, he became “mine”. When Robert returned home, Sid and I were ready to go night-night and when Robert tried to get into the bed, Sid growled and showed his teeth! Our Sid was loved by us and his grandparents more than words can say. That “little red dog” was with me during some of my darkest moments in life, i.e. more deployments, loss of loved ones, illness & Hurricane Ivan (which left the two of us without power and phones for up to a week, as hubby was deployed). Thankfully, we did have a generator and Sid followed me every night to crank it up so we could have a fan running. Sid loved watching the train go by my folks house, whenever he visited, which was A LOT! He also loved going on rides with his granddaddy on the tractor, 4-wheeler, and in the truck. He was also the typical dachshund that loved to chase and kill lizards, moles, chipmunks, and whatever else he could see. He loved to watch and run after the F-16s and C-130s that passed over our house; that is until the fence stopped his chase! When I hear Gary Allan’s song, “Watching Airplanes”, I smile. Our Sid was diagnosed with Autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA), also called immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA), on August 19, 2010. He was given superb care, along with two canine blood transfusions and one unit of human heboglomin; however, none of these helped. We made the heart wrenching decision to end Sid’s suffering. On August 23, 2010, God called our Sid home. He was cremated and has his own special memorial table in our home. Sid will remain in our hearts forever and we treasure every moment that God allowed us to share with him.

    Robert and Hope Paulene

    Proud Parents of Sid Paulene


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