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    Syd, Male, Dapple, Neutered, 1 year old, 14 lbs, Adoption fee: $275

    Everyone, meet Syd. He is a male dapple GORGEOUS Dachshund. Syd is approximately one year old. He came to us several weeks ago from an abusive / neglect environment.  His owner went to jail and so she gave Syd to her brother who DIDN’T want this beautiful boy – so he just let him roam!  He is safe now with DDR!  He is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever had the pleasure of interacting with.  When his foster parents first took Syd into their home, he was extremely shy, timid, and scared. He would hesitate to hold his head up high, and he would hug the sides of the walls while traversing around. However, Syd is now happy, playful, and walking around with his head held high. Syd LOVES to cuddle, whether it be on the couch, recliner, or bar stool. He will bound up to you and jump into your lap. He is a needy boy – he craves attention and being held.  At bedtime, Syd loves to snuggle up in the bed with his humans – in fact he is miserable if he is not allowed to sleep in the bed with his people. He also needs some training to do a better job of sleeping through the night.  He interacts well with other dogs; loves to play with his chew toys, and will find something to chew on if he cannot find his toys. He has been fully vetted and neutered. He is doing very well with potty training, although does have occasional potty accidents from time to time. He has a unique, dapple hair coloration, with captivating deep blue eyes. This little guy is extremely gentle and loving. He will easily fit in and thrive around people of all ages, although we typically do not adopt Dachshunds to homes with very young children. Syd has so much to give and enrich his future forever home.

    Syd is being fostered in Birmingham.  For further information on Syd, please email borden.karen@rocketmail.com

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