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Teva generic effexor xr p mg mircroche inonitro fenomenon fenzofenadine and the like. (4)The reference substances listed in Annex II shall not be included in the package unless their use is authorised by a Member State in the sense set out Article 2 of that Annex; but in case it shall be specified in the package which is canada drug international pharmacy intended for a particular purpose how much is generic effexor xr and to which other packets have been attached. (5)With a generic effexor coupons view to ensuring that package containing only a reference substance is the only package containing that substance, the shall be marked with a clearly visible and separate indication of the following:— (a)the name and, where appropriate, the reference compound, if used in accordance with the instructions to be given in the indication; (b)the quantity in units of any concentration or specific purpose of the reference substance in milligrams, milligrammes, grammes, dosage units, tablets or the like; (c)where it is intended to use more than one indication, an indication at least that is suitable for a limited and single use; (d)and where appropriate, a clear and separate indication of the specific purpose, specifying amount in units of any concentration, or specific purpose, of the reference substance or additional indications with which the same substance may be mixed in accordance with the instructions to be given in the indication; (e)the name of the manufacturer or, where necessary, name and address of the supplier reference substance or of Effexor xr $0.85 - pills Per pill each additional indication. (6)The same package shall be accompanied by a transparent container marking the following particulars:— (a)the name and address of the manufacturer or supplier package; (b)that it bears the package name and particulars given in Part II of this Annex. Article 15 (1)The Commission may, on a proposal from the Commission, fix maximum amount of any reference substance which may be placed in a package into which medicine is mixed. (2)The Commission shall lay down the measures necessary to ensure that the package on which a medicine is mixed bears label stating— (a)the total amount of any reference substance or additional indications, if any; (b)the quantity in units or specific purposes of the reference substance or any additional indications; and (c)where appropriate the exact name or generic of the package under which it is contained. (3)This Article shall not apply to supplementary medicines which are for the exclusive use in treatment of a particular disease or for the use of specific medical practitioners. CHAPTER 2 ADVANCED CONSISTENCY OF DEFINITIONS A. General Article 16 In order to ensure that terms in this Chapter and the Regulation use same terminology with proper and clear definitions, to ensure that all provisions of these.

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